Few first words…

Well, thanks for visiting this page folks !

Should you decide to follow us, this blog’s theme is about CYCLING !!! Not the professional cycling, the fun cycling … cycling for commuters, families, people with health conditions, the young, the old, everyone who enjoys a nice easy ride.

We will provide links, pictures from the web, from New Zealand and the world in general. Fun pics as well as fashion pics, crazy pics…

Do not hesitate to contact us or set a link to this page on your own blog.

Send us pictures, links, stories… we will be more than happy to publish them. When sources will be available we will mention them, but please accept our apologies should a picture not have its origin sourced.

Have fun…what we want to see is more people on bicycles, because it is cool to ride, because it is cheap to ride, and because cycling reduces our carbon footprint and preserves this planet for the future generations.


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